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Mass and Energy Conservation

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Activities of Sostenya Group plc

Energy and the Environment: the Strength of a Group

Sostenya believes in a close correlation and synergy between the Environment and Renewable Energy. Sostenya Group is an investment holding company that operates in the Environment and Renewable Energy industries.

renewable energies 

Sostenya business model is focused on internal growth and acquisitions. It is one of the few companies working in both key sectors: Energy and Environment.

The Group has developed an integrated business plan where the environmental sustainability is in the first place and Sostenya aims to reach new developments in the field of Renewable Energy, transferring the successful experience gained by its management team in the environmental sector.
The philosophy beyond this way of doing business comes from our strong belief that a social and environmental friendly choice is also an economically successful choice. Sostenya operates in the following strategic fields for a sustainable development.

Energy - Through the direct control of the subsidiaries, Sostenya provides the construction of anaerobic digestion plants for the production of biogas, a green fuel that can be used for both electricity and heating for corporate and retail customers. We are also focused on the recovery and conversion of waste vegetable oil into energy.

Environment - Through the control of the sub-holding Sostenya realizes all the waste management’ services, as collection and disposal, recycling and energy production from waste.

Business Areas

  • Environment


    Sostenya operates in the environmental sector through its subsidiary, leader in the integrated management of industrial waste
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  • Renewable Energies

    Renewable Energies

    Design, construction and operation of plants producing electricity from renewable sources and the promotion of services
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  • District heating

    District heating

    Sale of electricity and heat and the design, implementation and management of power plants
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  • Energy Efficiency

    Energy Efficiency

    Products and services for Smart Grid, Smart City and Smart Home for the corporate and retail customers
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