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Sustainable development is the foundation of the business plan of Sostenya, the protagonist of a continuous improvement process to innovate and grow, through the intelligent use of natural and social resources

Sostenya Group Plc

Sostenya Group, the New Way of being a Company

Sostenya is one of the first player working in the international market according to the guidelines of a circular economy. Sostenya is not just a business project, it is primarily a way of doing business: a company that believes in the creation of long-lasting values, based on solid foundations such as ethics and environmental sustainability. Pietro Colucci, with over 30 years of success and a pioneer in understanding this synergy, is the Director of Sostenya.

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Sostenya is a green company, socially committed, internationally known and technologically advanced. A pioneering vision where the core of its mission is in the current scenario of smart cities and smart communities.

Sustainability is in the center of our improvement process that guarantees long lasting results and the strengthening of economic performance. Sostenya operates in accordance with the principles of social and environmental sustainability, through the production of energy from renewable sources such as wind, sun and biomass; the transformation of waste into energy and new material; the integrated management of non-hazardous waste and finally energy efficiency solutions for businesses, families and communities.
Only companies that consider environmental, social and economic capital in their decisions can create truly sustainable value.

Our Business Looks to the Future

The Group has developed an integrated business plan where the environmental sustainability is in the first place and Sostenya aims to reach new developments in the field of renewable energy, transferring the successful experience gained by its management in the environmental sector. The daily activities affect the environment, for this reason, the Company proposes, and implements solutions for the territory and the populations of the areas in which the facilities works.

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