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Sostenya Group, thanks to its subsidiary, is making a step forward towards the now-called Internet of Things reality: a new perspective aiming at connecting companies, houses, local and institutions, and extending the advantages currently offered to the single entities to the whole community, now and even more in future. Smart Buildings.

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Thanks to the interconnection between the remote control system and the domotics of the load management system, home appliances can be monitored at all time. The Smart Home and the Smart Company are equipped with different energy production and storage devices (solar panelling, water heating system, heat pump, battery).

As information is always available on the web, the user can take action whenever needs and wherever is. Smart Community, many Smart Buildings, all together, represent a producer-consumer network linked to an intelligent technological system, which assimilates and manages energy production and consumption at a higher level: the level of the Smart Community. 

Smart Grid Houses, companies and renewable energies are all part of the same network in order to share energy and information: an intelligent technological system, managing energetic exchanges, both within the network and outside of it. 

Resorting to traditional energy suppliers is highly limited and this bypasses the problem of the reduced continuity of renewable energy.

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